Heartfelt words from clients Dahlia has enjoyed working with:


I want to thank you Dahlia, for helping me reconnect to myself. The light has been turned on and I am remembering what I always knew, but felt hidden for so long.  It is funny, how at 43 years old, I feel renewed! Maybe some call it a mid-life crisis, but I call it a mid-life rebirth. I am not confused about what I need to do with the next part of my life. It is perfectly clear....I need to LIVE the way I was meant to!

~Deanne Rose, LMT, Austin, TX



After my healing session with Dahlia I felt a true sense of clarity and calmness down in my soul. I felt a true feeling that I was protected and that there was a higher power walking along my side. After my healing session with Dahlia there has been a staying sense of peace in my life. One that was never there before.

~Rachel Pastiloff, writer, Atlanta, GA 



Dahlia is a gifted healer and teacher. Spirit flows through her in such a powerful way that all who interact with her are deeply blessed.  I have personally experienced great healing and insight on multiple occasions, and always leave my interactions with her feeling better, lighter, and more me.

 ~Sara Pencil Blumenfeld, Houston, TX



Dahlia has been a God send in my life.  Through her amazing gift of healing,  her incredible intuition,  and her kind, gentle spirit, Dahlia continues to work with me through a journey of healing in many aspects of my life-- grief, fears, loss, abandonment issues, and spiritual growth to name just a few!    After each session, I feel a sense of peace, hope and serenity.  I am so grateful God and my Angels led me to Dahlia.  She has been a real blessing in my life.

~Catherine Myers, Austin, TX   


Emotional Healing Success Story:

I found Dahlia when I was coming off of anti-depressants and I was in alot of emotional pain. She had warned me before meeting her that she was not a replacement for medical advice and so I understood that before my appointment. I really did not know what to expect but I knew I needed some help, at least emotional help. When I walked in to her office, the environment there instantly put me at ease and from that moment on, things changed for me that I could not have ever dreamed possible.

I have now known peace and serenity as never before. I am not saying that I live a peaceful life because this is not the case. What I am saying is that Dahlia's gift and work has helped me to grow and release the negative aspects of my life. It has only been five months since that first visit and I do not even remember the emotional pain (prison) that I once was in.

Dahlia is a God send to me. She has brought a new meaning to my life and spirituality. I feel as though I am back in control and I know where I am going. Other people around me have also noticed great changes, they just can't figure out what it is. She is the best kept secret in Austin. What a jewel.

~Dana Bass, Austin, TX



It is said we meet people for a reason. I was post-op in the hospital for the removal of a tumor which took 1/3 of my tongue and 40 lymph nodes from my neck. I'm a vegetarian who has never smoked or drank in my life - yet there I was terrified to be facing a cancer that has a tendency to be aggressive and deadly. During my 10 day stay I had 3 roommates, the third one being the wonderful woman who led me to Dahlia. She too was in for a thyroid tumor that had grown to the size of a football. During out conversations she mentioned a wonderful healer who had helped ease her through surgery and recovery. 

She gave me Dahlia's number and picking up the phone was the best thing I have ever done. Even when I was at my worst during radiation and chemo, my sessions with Dahlia eased my mind, helped raise my vibrations to a healthier healing level, and through the use of her energy and guides she made what is normally a horrific treatment, if not easy, more tolerable.

Most people who go through head and neck radiation typically lose tons of weight, get many blisters in their mouths and throat and all over their necks. My experience was a blessed one, in that my neck merely tanned and the few blisters I did get inside my mouth and throat never broke open, making it easier to swallow and eat during the six and a half weeks of treatment, and I only lost 20 lbs. Other patients by week three are unable to eat and drink (and have massive weight loss), but for some reason, I was okay until the second last day of treatment, at which point everything caught up to me and I had a painful week where I had to use the pain meds my doctor had prescribed for me.

Throughout, my treatments I had tri-weekly sessions with Dahlia in which we discussed many things to help ease my mind and heal me from within. We talked about diet, energy, vibrations, and she helped rid me of a lot of the emotional pain that was blocking my healing. Now, 14 months out of treatment and 16 months out of surgery, I feel awesome, and am eternally grateful for the work she did with me, and still continues to do. 

 ~Cheryl De Luca, Ontario, Canada



From the first time I met Dahlia, I saw that she is a glowing beautiful light. I have loved everything she does and the wonderful gift she gives. She is full of love and light and continues to amaze me every time I see her.  I love everything Dahlia.  

~Nancy Herbert, Austin, TX






To schedule your private appointment with Dahlia: e-mail your request for session to healingwithdahlia@live.com. Sessions are confirmed via payment online. Thank you.



Through her extraordinary insight, Dahlia imparted precious and fundamental tools to me that I needed to be able to proceed powerfully on my evolutionary path. She lovingly appeared in my life at just the perfect time and place, and my experience with her was transformative. Her strong connection with the angelic realm is undeniable.

~Leah LaChapelle, Austin, TX



I am thankful for the wonderful 28-day transformation program.  I am so happy with it that I have started another 28 days. The fact that we have the CHOICE to be positive and give negativity the boot is just wonderful. I took that challenge and and I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only have I felt better physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Abundance...wow how that has changed!  My billing (I am in sales) for June was my second best month in my 14 years with my current job...until...July.  July was my highest billing month of my career and it's not over yet! 

I have manifested 4 out of 5 items on my "Happy List" already, and I plan on enjoying a new vacation to Sedona within the next six to nine months, which will mean I will have manifested everything from this round. I am very thankful for you Dahlia and this program!

~Cindy S., Austin, TX



Thank you for creating the wonderful 28-Day program; the timing of it has been perfect for me! After taking a huge leap of faith and quitting a job that was no longer working for me, I started the program immediately. It provided a well-needed structure and focus for me. In just 28 days, I manifested a fully paid vacation at the beach in California, a very cool job opportunity, and I was asked out on a date after not dating in several years. Numerous other oportunities are coming to me that I have never expected.  I have started the second round of 28 days and continue to receive insights and feel more empowered daily. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to focus on transformation and abundance!

~Susan P., Austin, TX


Dahlia is one of the most committed healers I have come to know. She is not only talented and creative, but well versed in many traditions of healing. I was very impressed when she told me about her works with Autistic children and their parents. The passion and dedication to these people and her intention to help them creates greater joy in their lives, and it was quite inspiring to me.

~Karen Ferguson, Baltimore, MD  

Dahlia has an amazing gift for healing. She worked on me for about an hour. I don't know what all she cleared, but I had so much joy in my heart that I almost had to pull over on the drive home. She is such a caring and compassionate person, she immediately puts you at ease. She works on the whole person, body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend scheduling a healing session with Dahlia. It is a great gift to give yourself.

~Jan Ray, Austin, TX 

Dahlia is one of the most gifted, intuitive, and grounded healers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The Theta healing she performs has transformed my life so quickly and easily it seems like magic. And it is. It’s also real. I was able to release the deepest fear my soul had been carrying for eons and many lifetimes. It was only the other day I remembered that while having a session with Dahlia, it cleared. I had completely forgotten my most deeply rooted fear! That’s how amazing this healing work is. She is professional, loving, kind, clever, and wise. Just being in her presence I notice my vibration is lifted or maintains a high frequency. Thanks to working with Dahlia, I am able to glimpse the totality of my being and live in joy every day. At one point in my life I didn’t really care about anything. Life had lost its flavor. I can now embrace the many new realities that exist and I truly revel in the bliss that is life. Thank you Dahlia! ♥

~Sarah E. Shebanek, Boulder, CO


You struck so many chords in a correct and positive way that I am almost giddy with joy and excitement. You truly touched my soul and the hands on experience was an added bonus I was not expecting. The constant pain in my neck since my auto accident and the constant pain in my right wrist that was shattered are both incredibly pain free today. I do believe you are one of many Angels present in my life and look forward to discovering so much more.

~J.M. in Smithville, TX

I couldn't put my finger on some emotional and spiritual unrest that was going on inside me, and not only was Dahlia able to pinpoint what was going on, she offered a solution through her ThetaHealing and Quantum Touch sessions. She made me completely comfortable, explained the process and put me at ease. Immediately after my session I felt lighter, joyful and drained of bad energy. After a short nap, I woke up feeling the most energetic and positive I've ever felt without the help of prescriptions. Overall, my session was an extremely positive experience and I look forward to continuing my work with her and furthering my healing process. It has been a true blessing.

 ~Laura Ashley, Austin, TX 


From the moment I met Dahlia, I knew I was in the right spot. She is a light in the world. Her notable gifts to teach and heal come from a place of lightness which is evident when you meet her. I have repeatedly recommended her to friends who are searching for balance and insight in their lives. She has a unique gift to bridge the gap between energy work and everyday living – making her gifts accessible to so many. Her approachable teaching and effective sessions create a space for you to significantly raise your vibration and awareness in your own life – you have to do a session to see for yourself.

~H.T. in Austin, TX