By identifying where you are on the scale of consciousness now compared to where you want to be, the map above helps you monitor your progress as shifts of change occur. Look at this map and decide which level you are emotionally, then note your score from the log column. By using Dr. Hawkins' vibrational scale or "Map of Consciousness" (see above), as a guide for personal awareness of emotional states, utlized along with prayer of agreement, muscle-testing for deep-truths, and /or co-creating miracles with God, powerful shifts are allowed to take place and occur during sessions. Vibrational frequency can be raised to feelings of love, joy and peace as we discover positive belief-systems, positive mindsets, single-mindedness and unlimited possiblities. Dahlia utilizes Dr. Hawkins' Map as a visual aid in order to assist with better self-awareness and perceptions of reality that are aligned with compassion and prosperity. As consciousness raises, we can begin to see "the Kingdom of Heaven," being created here on Earth.

These are intentions and goals during one-on-one Emotional Energy Transformation sessions and private mentorship. All sessions are Christ-centered with peace, grace and ease to help with releasing anxiety, fears, worry, self-doubt and unhappy states of being. These are the root of health issues and dis-ease within our bodies and our minds. Where do you need healing in your life? What would you like to see change or show up? Healing and transformation is possible for you!

To schedule a private and confidential one-on-one session, please email with Emotional Energy Transformation in the subject line. Thank you for visiting my site and being open to changes! 

One-Hour Emotional Energy Transformation Session - 75.00


 "Be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Mahatma Gandhi