Begin Your 28-Day Transformational Journey!

What would you like to see change or show up? I ask this question in one-on-one sessions and with this program, you will be implementing changes in an effort to see NEW and wonderful things show up and manifest in your life. Enroll today in the 28-Day Transformation Program with Dahlia and begin manifesting powerful changes NOW! There is no time like the present moment. Move out of waiting and into "miracle-flowing mode." YOU deserve to be happy and God wants to create profound changes and a new life within you that activates a healing anointing flow for positive change. Release the old and make way for new thoughts, beliefs and greater opportunities.


About the 28-Day Transformation Program:

This program was created to share and to assist YOU with actualizing increased daily mindfulness, awareness, happiness and increased faith and devotion. Goals are set and pain points are accessed where through an increased connection and faith system, struggles diminish and happiness increases. This entire program is intended to empower you, while being committed everyday for 28-days consecutively, for positive shifts in physical, financial, mental and emotional healing and empowerment. Increase overall wellness and positivity in your life!

As a part of this 28-Day Transformation Program you will receive:

* The 28-Day Transformation Program Workbook; includes training guidelines for raising your vibration and higher-awareness of your God relationship and faith-based strategies. Steps to move-into happy-mode are shared! Cost is only $28.

This program is offered at only $28 and includes your guided daily workbook for inspiration and activation.

If you are interested in getting started, e-mail, and please type "28" in the subject box of your e-mail. I will respond to you within 48 hours to get you enrolled and started on this personal program for advancement and positive change. Get ready to manifest God's NEW and abundant YOU in your life with this life-changing program! 

28-Day Program 28.00 


If you would like to try a one-on-one private session via Skype or Telephone to accompany your 28-Day Program, cost is an additional $75 for the one-hour coaching + mentorship time that provides you with personal assistance for positive transformation.

Private One-Hour Mentorship Session - 75.00



A few words from recent 28-Day Transformation Program participants who LOVED it!:

I want to thank you Dahlia, for helping me reconnect to myself. The light has been turned on and I am remembering what I always knew, but felt hidden for so long.  It is funny, how at 43 years old, I feel renewed! Maybe some call it a mid-life crisis, but I call it a mid-life rebirth. I am not confused about what I need to do with the next part of my life. It is perfectly clear....I need to LIVE the way I was meant to!

 ~Deanne Rose, LMT at Totally Therapeutic Massage, Austin, TX


I am thankful for the wonderful 28-day transformation program.  I am so happy with it that I have started another 28 days. The fact that we have the CHOICE to be positive and give negativity the boot is just wonderful. I took that challenge and and I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only have I felt better physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. how that has changed!  My billing (I am in sales) for June was my second best month in my 14 years with my current job...until...July.  July was my highest billing month of my career and it's not over yet! 
I have manifested 4 out of 5 items on my "Happy List" already, and I plan on enjoying a new vacation to Sedona within the next six to nine months, which will mean I will have manifested everything from this round. I am very thankful for you Dahlia and this program!

~Cindy S., Time Warner Cable Media Sales Consultant, Austin, TX

Thank you for creating the wonderful 28-Day program; the timing of it has been perfect for me! After taking a huge leap of faith and quitting a job that was no longer working for me, I started the program immediately. It provided a well-needed structure and focus for me. In just 28 days, I manifested a fully paid vacation at the beach in California, a very cool job opportunity, and I was asked out on a date after not dating in several years. Numerous other oportunities are coming to me that I have never expected.  I have started the second round of 28 days and continue to receive insights and feel more empowered daily. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to focus on transformation and abundance!

~Susan P., Austin, TX