Happiness is the one thing that everyone is seeking. We all have that in common. Author William Arthur Ward wrote, "Happiness is an inside job," and his words have stuck with me. The journey to happiness starts on the inside.

How can a session help with finding happiness? 

Through one-on-one transformational sessions, feelings of happiness can be brought into awareness on a deep-cellular level. Taking the steps to discover happiness often require looking at old and disempowering beliefs and patterns that are holding on to you and holding you back, and we move them out through awareness. Peace and happiness can become a result as new awareness comes in and we move up the vibrational scale of consciousness levels that were identified by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph. D. Muscle-testing assists in discovering truths and untruths on a sub-conscious level, and awareness and recognition of your own vibrational frequency begins to occur.

How do shifts in healing occur?

Dahlia works one on one and with groups—working specifically in the area of creating expanded consciousness and unlimited belief systems. Using the ThetaHealing method (Dahlia is a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner) for an alternative method in going into theta brainwave state (meditative) and analyzing perceived blocks to success or goals. Dahlia also works in the area of spiritual Christ consciousness (as a Christ-based believer in faith and whole life wellness). She also has an intuitive skill set brought on by a near death experience at age 13, and this assists in locating blocks and issues as well with individuals. Also having received a Master's Degree in Education/ Special Education, Dahlia enjoys working with you in areas specifically around behavior, seeking to improve and achieve wellness through postive motivating behavior techniques in and after sessions. During a session, questions are asked and YOU are involved in the transformation process. With a willingness to receive change, progress happens! Sometimes instantly and it's all done in a way that is graceful and easy.

Working by phone and Skype primarily, Dahlia also works from time to time in-person in the Austin, Maine and Colorado areas when she travels. Long-distance sessions are for weekly and monthly appointments, as many people enjoy transformation sessions often and on a regularly-scheduled basis.

Sessions are $75 for an hour-long session; and a bundle pack of six-sessions for $360 are offered for frequent appointments, which lowers the per session cost to only $60 each. Ask about co-payment for insurance rates if your insurance also allows alternative treatments on your plan. Our co-payment insurance rate is $35.

Where your attention goes, the energy flows. This is a major foundation belief for session success! Where is your attention going and flowing? Help change the flow from negative to positive, releasing the negative thinking cycle to create positive change in your world.

Schedule a personal one-on-one session to begin transformation and recovery and move into a life of fulfillment, truth, happiness and peace. To schedule an appointment, reserve your space HERE. 

For questions or to find out more, please e-mail enjoybeingtoday@gmail.com.  Thank you!



Disclaimer: ThetaHealing and private sessions with Dahlia does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions; the effectiveness of sessions is based on an individual's ability to heal and the results will vary. A person's free will and choice is always available, and in no way does Dahlia claim to do anything other than guide and encourage optimal happiness and healing.